That's me!

About Me

I'm Morgan Heller, and Loumo Creative.

Two questions might be coming to mind right about now: what can Morgan bring to the table? And, what the heck is a Loumo?

To The Table
An award-winning creative with over 15 years of experience in creative strategy and execution across B2B and B2C in-house departments and agencies. I’m currently exploring a cross-disciplinary approach to UX, visual and content design—connecting the customer’s journey to a content story and then executing.

Loumo: a combination of my middle and first name: Louise (namesake) + Morgan (first in my family). Inspired by uniting the past and present, tradition and new, the known and unknown, Loumo was born.

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I love puzzles and mysteries. My natural curiosity drives me to explore, challenge assumptions, and find the best solutions, not just the first ones.

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Stories and problem-solving are inseparable. Crafting a narrative that communicates complex ideas and concepts with simplicity and clarity.

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Eternal Student

I don’t know everything, and that’s exciting. Approaching life with an open and curious mindset enables me to explore new ideas, perspectives, skills, and experiences.

Little Miami Trail, Cincinnati OH

When I'm Not Working

I enjoy expanding my imagination with sci-fi or fantasy of any medium. You can also find me satisfying my taste buds at a new spot in Cincinnati, exploring an exhibit at a museum, tinkering with my camera, hiking a trail with my family, or immersing myself in a play or musical.