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Helping food manufacturers grow—from concept to delivery.

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Crafting the narrative for Veritiv's new high-growth audience.

Veritiv identified an opportunity with a new high-growth market. This project kicked off a deep dive into this audience and how Veritiv can best help them.

Veritiv wanted to be recognized as the leading total packaging solutions provider in the food and beverage industry.

After its February 2022 launch, the food packaging campaign was linked to almost $1.5 million in opportunities by the end of the year.


Food waste and safety are substantial issues in the U.S. and worldwide. Billions of pounds are thrown out each year creating not only food waste but money waste. Safety and sanitation are top of mind to keep food fresh and business up and running. Veritiv identified an opportunity to support its audience through its holistic packaging offering—from concept to delivery.

Veritiv wanted to grow within the food and beverage market by 8% by establishing a content story using various touch points throughout the user’s journey. 

  • Procurement: Reduce materials costs and meet company’s standards

  • Operations: Increase productivity and efficiency

  • Engineering & Brand Owners: Ensure product quality control and brand equity


The answer to help this industry is through packaging. But not any packaging, the right combination of packaging products and services that Veritiv can offer.

Through research and establishing a content framework, we weaved various touch points throughout the customer's journey to provide answers to their pain points. From a website experience and thought leadership content to marketing materials and campaigns.

Bring awareness to the industry

  • Researched SEO and keywords to increase organic search

  • Established content hierarchy for webpage based on research

  • Created thought leadership content geared towards pain points

  • Launched pay-per-click campaigns targeted towards sub-segments

Equip sales with conversion tools for sub-segment

  • Launched a sales email campaign to enroll contacts to encourage conversations

  • Executed focused marketing materials specific to food industry sub-segments

  • Established cadenced internal food huddle groups to increase collaboration, training and success sharing


  • Pencil & Paper

  • Adobe XD

  • Ceros

  • Drupal

  • Marketo

  • Illustrator

  • InDesign

  • Photoshop


  • 1 Creative Lead

  • 2 Graphic Designers

  • 2 Copywriters

  • 1 Developer

  • 1 Project Manager

  • 1 Marketing Manager

  • 1 Marketing Automation Manager

  • 1 External Agency

My Role

  • Creative Lead

  • Creative Strategist


  • 3 Month Duration

  • Launch February 2022

Food Packaging

Food Packaging Low Fidelity Wireframe

Phase 1: Content Audit & Webpage

To kick off phase 1, we audited our current assets to evaluate our gaps and needs to meet the problem.

Once we assessed, we started to refresh the food packaging webpage as it was the most visible.

Initially, the plan was to add a new webpage for each sub-segment.

Concerned about the negative impact on SEO from overlapping copy, I recommended an alternative one-page concept一use a tab design pattern to reduce the need for multiple pages with repeating copy and imagery.

Wireframes & Prototypes
Food Packaging


Food Packaging

Sub-segment Brochure

Phase 2: Pillar Content Materials

Next, pillar content was developed to create a foundation of materials for sales, campaigns and SEO.

Food Packaging

Email Series

Phase 3: Campaign

Sales was equipped with a campaign to enroll selected contacts to receive a four-part automated email series. Topics used pillar pieces from phase 2 to encourage engagement from the audience.


After its February 2022 launch, the food packaging campaign was linked to almost $1.5 million in opportunities in 10 months.

Many 2023 initiatives will significantly affect this campaign including a new digital commerce experience launch, brand refresh and customer journey mapping experience

Page Visits since Feb '22
Deliverables Executed
Translated into 2 Languages, Versioned for 2 Countries
Email Campaign CTR

Next steps

There are many opportunities in 2023 to re-evaluate the current with Veritiv’s new initiatives. 

  • Condense even more the overlapping sub-segment content

  • Expand thought leadership efforts to increase organic search

  • Set up a regular cadence plan for evaluation and improvement based on newly acquired Adobe Analytics

  • Establish action plan based on customer journey mapping insights